Europe: Cuffaro disappointed, but DC will support the center-right

The article discusses the recent debate surrounding alliances and candidacies for the upcoming European elections, focusing on the perspective of Totò Cuffaro, the national secretary of the Christian Democracy party. Cuffaro expresses his disappointment at the lack of political reasons behind the discussions and the instrumental use of his past legal issues in the contest for leadership and power within the parties. He mentions the missed opportunity for a reintegration of a lower center-right area based on shared principles, and expresses the disappointment of the Christian Democracy party in the evolution of the situation. Despite the absence of their symbol and candidates, Cuffaro reaffirms the commitment of the party to supporting the efforts within the center-right in the European consultation and hopes for the future development of a European People’s Party.

Europee: Cuffaro deluso, ma la Dc sosterrà il centrodestra

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