Etna eruption: Guardia di Finanza’s advice to stay safe – VIDEO

The alpine rescue military of the Guardia di Finanza in Nicolosi are heavily involved in ensuring the safety of tourists at the base of Mount Etna during the current volcanic activity. The volcano is erupting again with loud noises, lava flows, and material overflowing. Although the spectacle attracts many tourists, caution is necessary not only on the slopes of Mount Etna but also on the southern side, where ashfall has been significant. The specialized military personnel are monitoring the compliance with regulations and ensuring the safety of visitors. They patrol the area with specialized vehicles and provide advice and checks to ensure safe mountain activities. It is important for hikers to equip themselves with suitable clothing and equipment, plan their routes carefully, and consider their physical condition. Assistance from qualified personnel, such as alpine and volcanological guides, should be sought during the ascent. In case of emergency, the public is urged to contact emergency services promptly to activate rescue teams.

L’Etna in eruzione, i consigli della guardia di finanza per non correre rischi – VIDEO

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