Eolian Islands: Ongoing bad weather, only Siremar ferry sailing

In the Aeolian Islands, bad weather continues and there is a semi-isolation. The only ship travelling is from Siremar, as all hydrofoils are stopped. The ferry “Isola di Stromboli” has departed to Milazzo and will reach the islands of Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, and Stromboli, despite rough seas. It will return to Milazzo in the afternoon. Due to strong winds blowing at over 30 kilometers per hour from the west, hydrofoils and other ships are halted. Only the ship from Siremar has departed from Lipari to Milazzo, with a possible stop in Vulcano. In the islands, there are also the tanker ships of Marnavi and the 88-meter mega yacht “Project X” from Golden Yachts, anchored offshore near Marina Corta. The yacht, designed by Ken Freivokh and Massari Design, features unique interiors with a variety of materials such as rare leathers, precious marbles, and selected woods and metals. Glass elevators connect the different floors, including the largest elevator ever installed on a yacht, located in the atrium. The yacht also has a 7.5-meter by three-meter glass-walled swimming pool, a helipad at the bow, and a luxurious marble table on the upper deck for open-air dining for up to 18 people. It is powered by two Caterpillar engines, allowing a speed of 17 knots and a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Alle Eolie continua l’ondata di maltempo e viaggia solo la nave Siremar, aliscafi fermi

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