Enough with attacks on 118 personnel: they will wear bodycams to record everything

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“We want to equip every Sicilian 118 crew with a bodycam to deter attacks on operators,” announces Seus President Riccardo Castro (in the photo), outlining the state of the art: “Our competent offices have already started a market investigation and will then proceed with the purchase after evaluating the quotes. This measure will serve as a deterrent to a shameful and unfortunately recurring phenomenon, as recent news events show. The videos made during rescues will be used and processed in accordance with privacy regulations and in cases where it is necessary to document the attacks.”

“On the advice of the Regional Health Department, we have also urged Asp, hospitals, and Polyclinics – within their respective competences – to include our rescuers in interventions outlined in the guidelines issued by Dasoe for preventing acts of violence and aggression against operators. In addition, Seus will act as a civil party in any legal proceedings against the perpetrators of the attacks and has already launched awareness campaigns.”

«Basta con le aggressioni agli operatori del 118»: indosseranno le bodycam per videoregistrare tutto

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