Enna university student in trouble for posting anti-Semitic comments

The prosecutor’s office in Caltanissetta has instructed the Digos of Enna and the postal police to search the home, in Catania, of a university student from Enna of Moroccan origin, and his Enna residence, as he is under investigation for incitement to racial hatred. According to the allegation, the twenty-four-year-old allegedly posted on his Instagram profile statements with antisemitic content described by the magistrates as “aberrant”. The suspect says: “I am a pacifist who supports the Palestinian cause, certainly not a terrorist.” In the Catania residence, the police also seized the computer and phone of the young man. “I have only exercised my right to express my opinion,” adds the student, who is assisted by lawyer Vincenzo Franzone from the Catania bar. “I stand with the Palestinian cause and suffer thinking about the genocide of men, women, and children that is taking place in general silence.” According to the student’s account, the police handed him the search warrant only after inspecting his room and car.

Accusato di pubblicare post antisemiti, nei guai uno studente universitario di Enna

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