Enhanced outpatient services for rheumatology and allergology at Asp Enna

The ASP of Enna has approved the strengthening of the rheumatology specialist branch at the outpatient clinics in Enna and Piazza Armerina. Upon the proposal of the Primary Care Complex Unit, led by Dr. Francesco La Tona, an increase of twelve hours in working hours has been assigned to Dr. Maria Donatella Guerreri, a rheumatologist, for six hours at the Ex Inam outpatient clinic in Enna and six hours at the outpatient clinic in Piazza Armerina. The management emphasizes that this increase in working hours will improve the healthcare offer in rheumatology, addressing the gaps in meeting the healthcare needs of a specific group of patients in the community. In the same session, an increase of six hours in working hours has been approved for Dr. Paola Campione in the allergology specialist branch at the Ex Inam outpatient clinic in Enna.

Asp Enna, potenziata l’attività ambulatoriale di reumatologia e allergologia

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