Engaged couple break up, family feud leads to brawl, 5 arrested in Riesi

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A couple of boyfriends break up and a fight breaks out between the families. It happened in Riesi, in the province of Caltanissetta, where the carabinieri arrested five people. The fighters, a 52-year-old postman, a 55-year-old factory worker, a 48-year-old office worker, a 33-year-old physiotherapist, and a 23-year-old university student, allegedly got into a physical altercation until the carabinieri arrived.

Three of them, who were injured, were taken to hospitals in Mazzarino and Gela. The arrested individuals, all with no criminal record, were placed under house arrest. Judge Nicoletta Frasca, after validating the arrests, ordered all of them to have the precautionary measure of presenting themselves to the judicial police.

I due fidanzati si lasciano e scoppia una rissa tra le famiglie, 5 arrestati a Riesi

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