Emerging from the sand, over sixty newly hatched turtles in Licata.

About sixty little turtles emerge from under the sand. It is the second nest on the beach of Pisciotto in Licata, just a few meters away from another nest whose eggs had hatched in the past few days, releasing over 50 turtles right there in front of the eyes of the volunteers of the Wwf turtle project, along with many other volunteers who were so overjoyed that they began to cry. Now, they are waiting for the other turtles to come out from under the sand. For this reason, they take shifts to help the hatchlings in the short stretch of beach that leads them from the underground world to the sea, where they will live, grow, and eventually return there as adults in the same place they were born, leaving the fate of their offspring to chance. Meanwhile, in Menfi, the monitoring operation for the nest in Contrada Capperrina has been completed, resulting in the birth of only five turtles.

A Licata emergono da sotto la sabbia oltre sessanta tartarughine appena nate

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