Emergency landing in Palermo saves Liverpool fan suffering from heart attack

Emergency landing at Falcone Borsellino airport to rescue a 61-year-old man, a Liverpool fan, who was returning from England to Malta after attending the Premier League match between his team and Manchester City at Anfield stadium. On board, it was noticed that it was risky for the man to continue the flight to the Knights’ island, and the commander decided to land at Falcone Borsellino airport. At Palermo airport, the man was assisted by 118 personnel and then transferred to Villa Sofia hospital. Taken care of by doctors in the coronary intensive care unit, the man underwent surgery. His post-operative health conditions are defined as good. After a few days of observation, he will be able to return to Malta.

Atterraggio di emergenza a Palermo, salvato tifoso del Liverpool colto da infarto

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