Elizabeth Smith becomes first female mayor of Bolognetta, achieving a historic milestone

Elizabeth Smith has become the first female mayor in the history of Bolognetta. She was the only candidate running and managed to surpass the quorum and obtain the necessary number of votes to be elected. Out of the 1,849 eligible voters, 1,531 voted in favor of Smith, with 318 blank or invalid ballots. Smith takes over from the prefectural commission, which had dissolved the Bolognetta city council in November 2021 due to alleged organized crime interference. Smith expressed her emotions and gratitude, stating that she will study the accounts to determine the course of action. The city needs to rebuild the social fabric and start anew. She acknowledges the responsibility to earn the trust of the residents of Bolognetta.

Elizabeth Smith ce l’ha fatta, è il primo sindaco donna di Bolognetta

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