Electric cable theft leads to wells shutting down in Marsala, water supply reduced by 50%

A theft of electrical cables has been committed in the municipal wells installations of Marsala, in the Sinubio district. As a result, water supply has been reduced by 50%, causing inconvenience to the city and the outskirts. Meanwhile, technicians and workers have been working for several hours and are simultaneously trying to source the necessary materials to restore electricity to the installations. The theft has already been reported, and the municipal administration is urging the residents of Marsala to use water sparingly, avoiding using it for purposes other than drinking and hygiene.

A similar incident occurred in early October. In that case, copper cable thieves vandalized the structure of the municipal aqueduct in the San Silvestro district, causing the northern area of the city to be left without water. “It is an inexcusable act that penalizes the community,” commented Mayor Massimo Grillo and Councilor Guglielmo Ivan Gerardi at the time. The damaged station in October conveys drinking water throughout the northern area (the higher one) of the outskirts of Marsala, particularly in the areas of via Salemi, via Trapani, and the coastal road leading to Birgi.

Un furto di cavi elettrici spegne i pozzi a Marsala, erogazione dell’acqua ridotta del 50%

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