Elderly scam alert: Priest in Giarre offers course with carabinieri

Explain the following article in English briefly.

One morning, Mrs. Maria (a fictional name) receives a phone call from a man claiming to be a marshal of the carabinieri. The voice of the military man is gentle but firm. He explains to Maria that her son has been involved in a serious car accident, where a boy was seriously injured and is now fighting for his life. The son could be in legal trouble. The fake marshal assures Maria that there is a solution: paying a “small bail” will free her son. Despite being in a panic, Maria wants to call her other son first. The fake marshal intervenes cleverly, reassuring Maria that her other son Giovanni (fictional name) knows everything and is at the hospital with Filippo. Maria is convinced to pay the requested six thousand euros for the “bail” in order to save her son.

This is a well-known technique used by an organization that has already targeted victims in Giarre. The phenomenon of scams targeting the elderly was discussed in the Giarre Cathedral, thanks to the parish priest, Don Nino Russo, and the local station commander, Lieutenant Alessandro Calabretta. The commander warns that even a retired general of the carabinieri fell victim to a scam. The criminals meticulously study the lives and relationships of their victims and often act quickly to succeed. Prevention and information are crucial in combating these criminal organizations.

Prevention is key to helping law enforcement combat these new organizations using new tactics for their scams. Scams can occur in person, over the phone, through mail, or online. Victims may be approached on the street or at home with various stories like accidents, family friends in trouble, or gas leaks, offering easy and beneficial solutions tailored to the victim’s situation. In case of such alarming phone calls, emails, or notices, it is important to immediately contact the carabinieri by calling the station or 112. No law enforcement officer can ask for money. Preventing and staying informed is essential to help law enforcement fight these criminal networks and protect oneself.

Allarme truffe, l’iniziativa del parroco di Giarre: un corso per gli anziani con i carabinieri

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