Elderly man dies 20 days after being hit on Consolare Pompea road

Antonino Caristi, the 80-year-old man who was hit by a car in Messina on February 19 while crossing the street on Via Consolare Pompea, near Sant’Agata, did not make it. The elderly man died in the Intensive Care Unit of Papardo Hospital where he was hospitalized. The pedestrian, hit by a Chevrolet Matiz driven by a 67-year-old, was thrown about twenty meters from the point of impact. His condition was immediately critical. The 88-year-old was transported by ambulance to Papardo in code red.

The dynamics of the accident are being investigated by the Accident Section of the municipal police coordinated by Chief Inspector Giovanni Arizzi. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file investigating the driver of the car who will now have to answer for vehicular manslaughter. This is the third pedestrian killed in Messina in a few weeks. On February 14, an 84-year-old man was hit on Viale Boccetta, then an 82-year-old nun was struck on Via Cesare Battisti and now the death of the 88-year-old from Sant’Agata.

Messina, è morto dopo 20 giorni l’anziano investito sulla via Consolare Pompea

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