Economy on track for 2022 consolidation. Schifani and Falcone: “The document unlocks pending hiring”

The regional government of Sicily has approved the consolidated budget for 2022, allowing the process for hiring through pending competitions to resume. The budget represents the financial and economic situation of the region and will now be scrutinized by the Regional Assembly. President Renato Schifani stated that the government is committed to ensuring transparent and orderly financial documents in order to achieve immediate results and build a future for Sicily based on development, employment, economic growth, and improved services. Regional Economy Minister Marco Falcone emphasized that the approval of the budget increases the region’s reliability, and the government is dedicated to providing transparent and truthful financial documents for Sicily.

Economia, ok dalla giunta al consolidato 2022. Schifani e Falcone: «Il documento sblocca le assunzioni dei concorsi pendenti»

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