Easter celebrations at La Favorita, reserve director sets rules: “Picnics allowed, no fires, dispose of trash in city”

The article talks about the director of the Monte Pellegrino-Favorita natural reserve in Palermo, Giovanni Provinzano, who expresses his support for the ordinance issued by the mayor, Roberto Lagalla, which prohibits fires in the park during Easter, April 25th, and May 1st. The article highlights the importance of keeping the reserve clean and encourages visitors to take their trash back to the city for proper disposal. The director also mentions the efforts of the Rangers and other authorities in maintaining the park’s health and monitoring the fauna and flora, especially after a recent fire. The article also discusses the impact of recent drought on the reproduction of certain amphibian species in the area.

Feste di Pasqua alla Favorita, il direttore della Riserva detta le regole: «Sì ai picnic no ai fuochi e i rifiuti vanno smaltiti in città»

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