Drunk driver in Palermo hits scooter on Notarbartolo street and flees, caught by police.

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Road accident in the night in Palermo. A car hit a scooter in Notarbartolo Street, but the driver did not stop to provide assistance, continuing their journey. However, the escape of a fifty-year-old man from Palermo was short-lived: the carabinieri blocked him shortly after.

The man was subjected to an alcohol test, which exceeded the permitted limits: he was then reported for drunk driving. Meanwhile, the emergency services arrived at the site of the impact and assisted the injured scooter driver. Investigations are also underway to reconstruct the dynamics of yet another accident in the city.

Yesterday, May 16, the tragedy on Viale Regione Siciliana, where 38-year-old Samuele Fuschi lost his life, the man who allegedly lost control of his scooter due to a pothole on the road. The man, married and father of four children, was on his way to work when he went off the road and violently hit the guardrail and then the road. A few hours earlier, another crash was recorded near the central station.

In this case, a 58-year-old entrepreneur from Milan crashed into some parked cars. He was driving an Audi on Niccolò Palmeri Street when he lost control and crashed into the parked vehicles, causing heavy damage to them. He told the municipal police officers that he had to suddenly swerve to avoid hitting a cat.

Palermo, ubriaco travolge uno scooter in via Notarbartolo e scappa: bloccato dai carabinieri

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