Drug trafficking operation in Gela: 11 arrested, including those on house arrest

Eleven people in Gela have ended up in prison for drug trafficking. The police operation, nicknamed Smart Working, with numerous searches, saw the officers of the Gela police station assisted by the mobile squad of Caltanissetta and with the support of the police’s canine units. The investigative activity is related – the police say – to a flourishing drug trafficking activity, carried out by several known criminals from Gela, between September 2020 and February 2021. In particular, some of the suspects, despite being on house arrest during that period, managed, with the help of their families, to procure large quantities of drugs, mainly cocaine, and then sell it on the market through retail sales, directly from their homes. Hence the name of the operation, Smart Working.

The order for custody in prison was issued by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Gela court against the suspects, considered seriously suspected, in various capacities, in collusion with each other, of the crime of possession and sale of large quantities of drugs.

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