Drug raid against Cappello clan in Catania, three fugitives arrested

The circle of arrests carried out at the behest of the Etna Antimafia District Prosecutor’s Office as part of Operation Fossa dei leoni II has been closed in Catania. The operation dismantled a thriving drug dealing operation in the Librino neighborhood historically linked to the Cappello clan. Within 24 hours, three people were arrested, and yesterday morning, Sebastian Marcello Girone, 30, Giovanni Melchiorre Marco Lentini, 35, and Claudio Francesco Sciuto, 34, were arrested and remanded in custody. The arrests were part of an operation carried out by the Carabinieri in the provinces of Catania, Palermo, Cosenza, and Enna. Girone and Lentini turned themselves in, while Sciuto was apprehended as he arrived on a scooter at a B&B on Via Etnea. A blank-firing gun was seized from his room. All three were imprisoned in Piazza Lanza.

Il blitz antidroga contro il clan Cappello a Catania, arrestati tre latitanti

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