Drug market in Sant’Alberto district of Trapani: two arrests

The Carabinieri of the Trapani company arrested two young people from Trapani, aged 20 and 23, for the crime of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. According to the reconstruction provided, the officers, with the support of the Carabinieri canine unit from Palermo and the dog Ron, stopped and searched the two young men who were loitering at the entrance of a building in the Sant’Alberto neighborhood where drug dealing activities were presumably taking place. The two were found in possession of approximately 80 grams of hashish, some of which was found in their pockets and some inside a utility room in the condominium, along with almost 600 euros in cash. During the search, the older of the two attempted to flee but was promptly apprehended by the Carabinieri. Following their arrest and the validation hearing, the 23-year-old was ordered to be detained in prison, while the 20-year-old was placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet.

Trapani, market della droga al rione Sant’Alberto: due arresti

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