Drug found at home among dishes and wardrobe, arrested in Messina

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“With drugs in the house, he ends up on house arrest. It happened last night in the Gazzi district of Messina, when the local carabinieri station, on charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs, arrested a forty-four year old man, already known to the police for specific previous offenses.

The military, engaged in a territory control service, noticed an unusual coming and going of people near the suspect’s home, some of whom were identified as drug users. The suspicion of a possible drug dealing activity prompted the carabinieri to raid the apartment to conduct a search. In the house, the military found and seized 25 grams of marijuana and around 17 grams of hashish, as well as a precision scale and the sum of 160 euros, believed to be proceeds from illegal activity. The marijuana, contained in a glass jar, was hidden in a kitchen cabinet, among other food packages. The hashish, on the other hand, was found in the bedroom wardrobe, among the linens.

At the end of the operations, the man was taken to the barracks, where the carabinieri formalized his arrest. The seized drugs were sent to the Messina carabinieri Ris for laboratory analysis. The arrested man is now on house arrest at the disposal of the judicial authority.”

Droga in casa tra le stoviglie e il guardaroba, arrestato a Messina

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