Drug dealer arrested in Carini with half a kilo of drugs at home

The Carabinieri of the Carini company, together with the operational intervention soldiers of the 12th Carabinieri Regiment Sicily, arrested a 37-year-old man from Carini, already known to the authorities, on charges of drug possession and trafficking.

The soldiers noticed the behavior of the drug dealer, who was caught in the act of selling drugs to a buyer. The Carabinieri immediately intervened, blocking the suspect and reporting the customer as a drug user to the Prefecture.

The search of the man’s home led to the recovery of over 500 grams of cocaine, hashish, and marijuana. Some of the drugs were already divided into doses for retail sale, and packaging and weighing materials were also found, along with 700 euros in small denomination banknotes, proceeds from the illegal drug trafficking activity. The arrest was validated by the preliminary investigation judge of the Palermo Court.

During the territory control activities, the Carabinieri also reported two people for evasion, as they were found outside their homes without authorization.

In the course of the operations, the soldiers also reported 4 people for different offenses, including two for drug possession and trafficking, recovering an additional 50 grams of marijuana, and the other two for carrying weapons or objects likely to cause harm.

Spacciatore arrestato a Carini, in casa aveva mezzo chilo di droga

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