Doctor violently assaulted by patient in Messina Mental Health Department

Cisl, Cisl Fp, and Cisl Medici express solidarity with the doctor from the Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Service Department in Messina Nord, who was brutally assaulted by a patient while on duty yesterday afternoon. The doctor was taken to the emergency room at Papardo Hospital for treatment by some nurses. The unions have highlighted the issue of doctor safety, citing the lack of healthcare staff and calling for an inspection to assess the difficult working conditions. They also mention similar difficulties in the Taormina department and at the Barcellona Opg. The unions have previously warned about the risks associated with staff cuts at the Messina Asp, resulting in a shortage of nurses and doctors in the Mental Health Department. They are calling for immediate action to strengthen the medical and nursing staff to meet the growing demand for care and ensure minimum safety standards for those working in mental health facilities.

Dottoressa brutalmente aggredita da un paziente nel dipartimento di Salute mentale di Messina

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