Discovery of an aquifer in Alcamo, with a methane gas pocket in the area

The article talks about the discovery of an underground water source in Montelongo, a few kilometers from Alcamo, during drilling for the expansion of the pipeline from the Cannizzaro springs to Bottino. They also found a gas-bearing water table of likely methane origin. The work on the pipeline expansion is expected to be delayed as technicians monitor the new water sources. The Cannizzaro spring in Partinico is the main water source for Alcamo, providing 40-45 liters of water per second. The town plans to improve the pumping system to increase water flow. The Bottino currently supplies over 500,000 liters of water daily, used for irrigation, pools, and firefighting. Due to the new discoveries, the pipeline expansion project has been postponed.

Ad Alcamo trovata una falda acquifera, nell’area anche una sacca di gas metano

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