Discover ‘Anna’ by Marco Amenta: a fearless woman fighting for her land

The article talks about the new film by Sicilian director Marco Amenta, titled “Anna”, which tells the story of a young woman named Anna who fights against the power of capitalism and a male-dominated society that wants to destroy her land. The film, shot entirely in Sardinia with a mostly Sardinian cast, showcases the beauty and wild nature of the island. The protagonist, played by actress Rose Aste, is portrayed as a real woman with flaws and vulnerabilities, not conforming to stereotypes. The film highlights the importance of courage, resistance, and the fight against injustice. The actress Rose Aste, who plays Anna, describes it as a challenging and emotional role, and expresses pride in showcasing lesser-known parts of Sardinia in the film. The story also touches on the issue of urbanization and land privatization, which affects not only Sardinia but the entire Italian territory. The cast of the film is almost entirely Sardinian, with actors such as Marco Zucca, Daniele Monachella, and Daniela Vitellaro.

Ecco «Anna» del palermitano Marco Amenta: una donna indomita in lotta per la sua terra

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