Diakité’s night of glory in front of 32,000 fans: “That’s why I strongly wanted to come to Palermo”

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Salim Diakité is the man of the moment, with his goal in Bolzano he kept Palermo in sixth place and allowed them to play tonight at the Barbera, in front of over 32 thousand people. And tonight he surpassed himself, scoring two goals against Sampdoria and securing Palermo’s spot in the play-off semi-finals against Venezia. “I really wanted to come to Palermo because I knew it was like this, I need to be charged up. I had two and a half fantastic years in Terni, but I needed something else, this.”

In the end, Palermo only needed a draw. “You can’t play a defensive game,” Diakité said. “It was the quarter-finals of the play-offs, with 32 thousand people in the stadium, you have to try to win.”

Diakité, serata di gloria davanti a 32 mila tifosi: «Per questo ho voluto fortemente venire al Palermo»

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