Decisive day for Palermo bench: Grosso loses ground, Alvini joins race

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Today is a decisive day for Palermo. A final decision will be made on Corini and the City Group will choose a new coach. Corini’s fate is already sealed, as his dismissal is expected to be official today. The strong candidate to replace him is Massimiliano Alvini, who was sacked by Spezia earlier this season in November.

Initially, the top choice was Fabio Grosso, but negotiations are not yet complete. Grosso was offered a two-year contract until 2026. However, Grosso is hesitant to accept the offer at this late stage in the season with seven games left plus potential playoffs. A late-night contact was also made with Leonardo Semplici, who previously coached Spezia.

Although there is still some distance on the contract terms, discussions are ongoing. The club offered a contract until June with a renewal clause, but Semplici prefers to sign for a year and a half. Other names on the list include Michele Mignani, a former Bari coach, and Moreno Longo, a former Como coach. Gattuso and Giampaolo are also under consideration but are seen as secondary options.

Palermo, giorno decisivo per la panchina: Grosso perde quota, Alvini entra nella corsa

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