Daylight saving time returns, set your clock back 60 minutes: when to change your clocks

On Sunday, October 29th, Italy will switch back to standard time, moving the clocks one hour back at 3 am. This means individuals will get an extra hour of sleep. Daylight saving time will resume in March 2024. According to data from Terna, the Italian electricity grid operator, daylight saving time has saved Italians €190 million in electricity bills and reduced CO2 emissions by 200,000 tons over seven months. The reduction in energy consumption during daylight saving time since March 27th is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 150,000 households. Overall, daylight saving time has saved Italy approximately 10.9 billion kWh of electricity and €2 billion for citizens from 2004 to 2022. The change between standard and daylight saving time occurs twice a year, with the clocks moving forward one hour on the last Sunday of March and moving back on the last Sunday of October. It is important to manually adjust clocks, except for devices like smartphones that automatically update. To adjust to the time change, it is recommended to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier for at least two weeks. Additionally, avoiding sodium-rich foods and beverages like tea and coffee in the evenings can help with sleep.

Torna l’ora solare, lancette indietro di 60 minuti: ecco quando spostare gli orologi

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