Daughter of Messina Denaro’s lover remains silent but makes spontaneous statements

Martina Gentile, daughter of the teacher Laura Bonafede who was involved with mafia boss Messina Denaro, has made spontaneous declarations to a judge during an interrogation. She is accused of aiding and abetting the mafia and has been placed under house arrest. Gentile, considered a “postwoman” for the fugitive boss, is also accused of managing correspondence for him. She has been captured on video meeting Messina Denaro, leading prosecutors to believe she is deeply involved with the mafia. She has been found to have made trips to Palermo on behalf of the boss, and prosecutors are trying to determine if she delivered messages to other accomplices. Gentile, who was teaching at a middle school on the island of Pantelleria, has been notified of the precautionary measure.

La figlia dell’amante di Messina Denaro si è avvalsa della facoltà di non rispondere, ma ha fatto dichiarazioni spontanee

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