Curia: No privileges for circulating in Palermo Center without paying

Explain in brief the following article:

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the 109 free permits granted to the Archdiocese of Palermo by the local transportation company for access to the restricted traffic zone. The permits are mainly used by employees of the Archdiocese offices, including seminarians and the staff of the seminary who reside within the facility. The Archdiocese clarifies that the permits are subject to annual verification and only one permit is issued per employee, even if they own multiple vehicles. The article also mentions the ongoing discussions with the municipal administration regarding access to the Archdiocese building, which is surrounded by pedestrian zones and restricted traffic areas. The issue gained political attention after the president of the transportation company disclosed that approximately ten thousand free permits had been issued in the city.

Pass per circolare nel centro di Palermo senza pagare, la Curia: «I nostri non sono privilegi»

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