Ct Vela Messina’s triumph: first championship and Serie A1 victory

It took seven matches at the Circolo del Tennis e della Vela di Messina to come out on top against Tc Sinalunga in the decisive match of the Italian Serie A1 BMW men’s championship. It was the first extraordinary victory for the Sicilians in five years. The first point of the finals went to Messina thanks to Austrian player Gerald Melzer. However, the champions in charge were ahead 3-1 after the singles matches. The Tc Sinalunga’s Spanish player Oriol Roca Batalla tipped the balance in their favor. In the end, Messina’s brothers, Giorgio and Fausto Tabacco, led their team to a historic win. President Antonio Barbera expressed his excitement, and Tc Sinalunga President Marzio Bernardini praised his team despite the loss.

Il trionfo del Ct Vela Messina: primo scudetto e vittoria della serie A1

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