Crackdown on Ztl cheaters in Palermo: White list frozen

The scandal of the lack of controls on vehicles that transit freely in the restricted traffic zone of Palermo has led to a first effect, the blocking of the white list. This means that there is a stop to the possibility of entering the license plates of cars using the credentials provided by Amat to access the system. President Giuseppe Mistretta, with the support of Mayor Roberto Lagalla, has ordered the deactivation of all accesses. At the same time, he has asked entities, associations, municipalities, and companies that benefit from the white list to provide a copy of the corresponding registration booklets for the license plate numbers of the over 10,400 registered positions. The purpose, at this point, is to make a cross-check to determine if the cars traveling in the restricted traffic zone are all entitled to do so. If it turns out – as explained in Via Roccazzo – that the car is registered to a private individual, it will be removed from the white list. There may be some exceptions to consider – for example – the police or carabinieri, if they request to use a personal vehicle of an officer for investigative purposes.

Furbetti della Ztl di Palermo, arriva la stretta: lista bianca congelata

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