Couple from Ragusa flees from a checkpoint with weapons in car, 2 arrests, children placed in social services.

They try to flee at a roadblock, but are stopped and arrested. It is a 48-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, both residents of the Ragusa area, who were stopped by the carabinieri of the Crotone Company for resisting a public official and carrying illegal weapons.

According to a preliminary reconstruction, the two, in a car driven by the woman and also carrying her 15 and 10-year-old daughters, were stopped while passing through a city street. But while the officers were checking the documents, the driver locked the car from the inside and started the engine trying to drive away.

The escape, however, lasted shortly; after a kilometer, the car was stopped by another mobile patrol. The couple continued to resist, forcing the carabinieri to force open the front window of the car to get the woman and her two daughters out first and then the man, for whom it was necessary to use pepper spray.

During the search, two large knives were found and confiscated. The two were taken to prison while the minors were entrusted to the social services of the Municipality of Crotone.

Coppia di Ragusa fugge ad un posto di blocco: trovate armi in auto, 2 arresti e figli affidati ai servizi sociali

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