Corruption: Croce resigns as city councilor in Messina

Maurizio Croce has resigned as a city councilor in Messina. Croce is under house arrest following an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office on charges of corruption. The politician also held the role of head of the structure against hydrogeological instability in Sicily, Governor Renato Schifani removed him and replaced him with official Salvo Lizzio.

Croce, a former regional councilor, communicated his irrevocable resignation “for strictly personal reasons” to the President of the Messina City Council, Sebastiano Pergolizzi, to the Secretary General, Rossana Carrubba, to Mayor Federico Basile, and to the General Manager, Salvo Puccio.

In recent hours, the prefect of Messina, Cosima Di Stani, had signed the provision of recognition of the suspension of right from the position of councilor, pursuant to d.lgs. n.235/2012 following the sending, by the Prosecutor’s Office, of the ordinance issued on March 4 by the Messina Court which ordered the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest against Croce.

Corruzione, Croce lascia la carica di consigliere comunale di Messina

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