Controversy over naming Partinico high school after Impastato, Cobas: “School acted correctly”

The provincial headquarters of Cobas in Palermo intervenes on the controversial naming of the Santi Savarino high school in Partinico after Peppino Impastato and his mother Felicia Bartolotta. They express support for the decision to change the name of the school, currently named after Senator Santi Savarino, due to his past affiliations with fascist laws and mafia connections. The student council voted to name the school after Felicia and Peppino Impastato, despite some students expressing opposition in a survey. The Cobas criticize the media for not verifying claims of undemocratic voting processes. They argue that Peppino’s anti-mafia activism should transcend political affiliations. The Cobas also raise concerns about various issues affecting schools, such as inadequate facilities, precarious staff positions, and restrictions on teaching freedom.

La polemica sul liceo di Partinico da intitolare a Impastato, i Cobas: «La scuola ha operato correttamente»

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