Controversy over naming high school after Impastato, students object to being labeled as mafia


The article discusses a recent controversy at a high school in Italy where students voted against renaming their school after Peppino Impastato, a victim of the mafia in 1978. The students faced backlash and accusations of being mafiosi, but they clarified that they respect the Impastato family and their fight against the mafia. They proposed naming the school after Judge Rosario Livatino instead for a non-partisan approach. The students emphasize their commitment to fighting against the mafia and express their disappointment in being portrayed as supporters of organized crime. The article also mentions the recent dedication of a park in Florence to Peppino Impastato.

La polemica sul liceo di Partinico da intitolare a Impastato, gli studenti: «Ingiusto tacciarci di mafiosità»

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