Controversy over concrete wall and staircase in Lombardia Castle

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A reinforced concrete wall and a large staircase, also made of concrete, are attached to the perimeter wall of the Lombardia Castle. The renovation works of the castle with materials that clash with those of the monumental structure are sparking debate. According to the president of the Sicilia Antica section in Enna, archaeologist Sandro Amata, “from the information we have, the idea is to create a theater under the stars in the second courtyard of the castle, which is dear to local politicians, and a tower at least 6 meters high; something that would completely alter the area by cementing the castle.”

Sicilia Antica announces that they will request access to the documents of the Superintendence to understand the project. “There are walls that are at risk of collapse, not to mention the Pisan tower, which is also in poor condition,” says Amata. “There is a degradation of the property that is truly frightening and it is this aspect that should have been taken care of, rather than reinforced concrete staircases. Instead, interventions have been chosen that have nothing to do with the safeguarding of our fortress. In short, the path of spectacle has been taken, perhaps for weddings, rather than the recovery of the Lombardia Castle.”

Enna, muro e scala in cemento nel Castello di Lombardia: è polemica

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