Controls in the migrant field of Campobello di Mazara: three arrests and four reports

In the past few weeks, the police have arrested three foreigners and filed complaints against four others who reside in the Fontane d’oro former oil mill migrant camp in Campobello di Mazara. The authorities have intensified their controls within the area where housing units donated by UNHCR to the municipality are located, currently accommodating displaced migrants from the former Calcestruzzi Selinunte cement factory. The police have uncovered non-seasonal workers among the migrants, accusing them of crimes such as robbery, drug dealing, carrying weapons, trespassing, and aggravated theft. The camp will be evacuated today, with the Italian Red Cross volunteers responsible for dismantling the housing units.

I controlli nel campo migranti di Campobello di Mazara: tre arresti e quattro denunce

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