Controls in Sicilian stations, a complaint for violation of residence obligation in Palermo.

On October 27, 2023, the Rail Police Compartment for Sicily conducted checks in 52 railway stations in Sicily to increase railway security and combat illegal activities. The results of this operation include one person being investigated, 749 individuals being checked, 189 bags being inspected, and one fine being issued. A total of 62 agents, supported by police dog units from Catania and Palermo, as well as the finance guard from Messina, conducted these checks using equipment such as metal detectors and state-of-the-art smartphones to expedite the verification process. During the operation, one person in Palermo was reported for non-compliance with residence obligations, while an unaccompanied foreign minor was traced in Messina and referred to a reception facility.

Controlli nelle stazioni siciliane, a Palermo una denuncia per violazione dell’obbligo di dimora

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