Construction sites in upper secondary schools in Enna and province: here are the locations and scheduled works.

The Enna Municipal Consortium has initiated construction projects worth over 13 million euros using funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. These projects are focused on improving various schools within its jurisdiction, including expanding the IIS Medi in Leonforte and the IIS Falcone in Barrafranca. Additionally, seismic upgrades and improved accessibility at the IIS Fratelli Testa in Nicosia, as well as architectural improvements and safety measures at the IIS Abramo Lincoln in Enna, are also planned. Other projects include the renovation of outdoor sports areas, facade reconstruction, and seismic upgrades at various schools in the region. These initiatives are part of the larger effort to enhance the quality and safety of educational facilities in the area.

Cantieri nelle scuole superiori di Enna e provincia: ecco quali sono e le opere in programma

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