Conflict between husband and wife in Trapani thwarted by police, threats and insults.

An intense argument in the historic center of Trapani between husband and wife. Insults and threats, with the Carabinieri of Trapani intervening to calm down a heated argument between husband and wife that was at risk of escalating into something more serious. The incident occurred in the area of the city’s historic center.

According to the Carabinieri, the couple started arguing for reasons that are still being investigated. The situation quickly got out of hand, with shouts and insults that continued without pause. Concerned neighbors alerted the Carabinieri about the escalating violence.

Upon their arrival, the military found the couple in a rage and tried to calm the situation. After some tense moments, they managed to separate the two spouses and restore calm.

The man, the main instigator of the argument, was taken to the barracks for the necessary checks. His situation is now under the scrutiny of the judiciary, which will decide whether to proceed with a criminal complaint. The prompt intervention of the Carabinieri prevented the argument between husband and wife from having more serious consequences.

Lite furibonda tra marito e moglie sventata dai carabinieri di Trapani, minacce e insulti

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