Confiscation of assets worth 800 thousand euros from former Province councilor for Agrigento fraud

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Real estate, financial relationships, registered movable assets, and renewable energy production plants, for a total value of about 800 thousand euros, have been confiscated. The confiscation order, which has become final, was carried out by the police officers of the Anti-crime division of the Agrigento police headquarters against Giuseppe Terrazzino from Raffadali.
The assets had already been seized at the proposal of the police chief Maurizio Auriemma (current police chief of Florence) in June 2018. This proposal came after investigations conducted by the Asset Prevention Measures section of the Anti-crime division. Last February, the confiscation order issued by the first penal section for Prevention Measures of the Palermo court became final.
Terrazzino, an employee of the Sicilian Region and former councillor of the Regional Province of Agrigento, was previously convicted for the crimes of usury in conspiracy and falsification of private documents.

Agrigento, usura e falsità ideologica: confiscati beni per 800 mila euro a ex consigliere della Provincia

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