Concert for peace featuring Deborah Iurato comes to Palermo and Piazza Armerina

The article talks about the concert “Give Peace a Chance” that the Women Orchestra is bringing on a Christmas tour around Sicily, along with the Sisters of the New Gospel and singer-songwriter Deborah Iurato. The concert features 21 significant songs promoting peace and authentic feelings, performed by an all-female ensemble. The collaboration and energy among the artists have made the concert emotionally powerful for the audience. The tour has been well-received in various locations in Sicily, spreading positive emotions and encouraging personal change. The tour will continue in Palermo and Piazza Armerina in January. The concert is a production in collaboration with Quintosol and Tolomeo Spettacoli, with musical arrangements by Maestro Giuseppe Vaccaro.

Il concerto inno alla pace con Deborah Iurato arriva a Palermo e a Piazza Armerina

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