Company van stolen and set on fire in Santa Cristina Gela: suspicion of intimidation

Explain to me the following article briefly:

“First the theft, then the fire. The target was the van of a company in Santa Cristina Gela that deals with the trade and transport of animals destined for slaughter. The vehicle was stolen in Altofonte, then the Carabinieri started their search and located the Iveco Daily in Misilmeri: it was set on fire and abandoned. At the scene, in addition to the military, the firefighters intervened and investigations were started to find the responsible parties.

Investigators have meanwhile located and questioned the owners, the hypothesis is of intimidation, but the details of the incident are still under investigation. A similar episode occurred at the end of January in the province of Ragusa. In this case, vans of a funeral home company were set on fire. The huge fire broke out on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, where the two vehicles were parked: one was completely destroyed, the other suffered serious damage. When the alarm was raised, a team of firefighters from the provincial command arrived at the scene.

The Carabinieri also intervened to carry out investigations. The owner of the business vented on social media. “I never thought I would have to relive this experience a second time in my life. The criminals in our town set my two vans on fire parked on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi. We will face this challenge as well.”

Furgone di una ditta di Santa Cristina Gela rubato e incendiato: c’è l’ombra dell’intimidazione

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