Commemoration of the deceased in Palermo cemeteries: schedules and traffic guidelines

The Venerable Company of Saint Ursula and the Santo Spirito Cemetery in Palermo are preparing to welcome thousands of faithful visitors who will come to pay their respects to their deceased loved ones during the upcoming All Souls’ Day. The cemetery has been closed for three days to clean and enhance the pathways, making it a “garden of the living”. From tomorrow until November 6th, the gates will be open from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm. On November 2nd, a Mass will be held at the cemetery of Rotoli, and changes in traffic routes have been implemented to accommodate the influx of visitors. The cemetery commissioner, Salvatore Damiano, mentioned that they will be placing many crosses outside the cemetery to pay tribute to those resting there and to make the garden more inviting. Additionally, a Diocesan Path has been created with various stations representing important figures and events in the city. Visitors will also receive a small cross as a sign of hope.

Commemorazione dei defunti nei cimiteri di Palermo: orari e viabilità

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