Collesano, half a million ended up in the accounts of the guru for exorcisms

The charismatic figure of former friar Giambattista Scozzaro, 62 years old, was capable of nullifying the critical spirit of his followers and demonizing non-believers, while also being a persuasive interlocutor who was able to obtain significant donations from his followers. Hundreds of thousands of euros that Scozzaro allegedly diverted to build Casa Mariana, a place of worship of several thousand square meters built inside his residence in Collesano, where the chosen ones could find refuge in anticipation of the supposed end of the world.

According to police checks, the finances of Father Giulio, the undisputed leader of his close-knit community, were allegedly fueled only by what the faithful gave him. Significant sums: in six years – from 2017 to 2023 – over 500 thousand euros allegedly entered the bank accounts managed by him and registered to the association Jesus and Mary, with almost half – about 200 thousand euros – donated by C.M., a 50-year-old Palermo doctor who had chosen the former religious man as his spiritual father. The latter was placed under house arrest last February in the operation Apocalypse now because he allegedly helped his right-hand man manipulate the children against their mother – also a doctor – from whom he was separating.

Collesano, mezzo milione finito nei conti del santone per gli esorcismi

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