Closure of entrance ramp on Viale Giostra for work at the A20 viaduct

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Another closure at the gates of Messina for work concerning the Ritiro viaduct. The Cas, Consortium for Sicilian Motorways, announces that from tomorrow, Friday 3rd May, until Saturday 4th May, in the time slot between 7am and 7pm, there will be a closure to vehicular traffic passing on ramp D at the entrance to the Messina-Giostra interchange on the A20, towards Palermo and Tremestieri.

The measure has been taken to allow for the completion of the left lane of the Ritiro viaduct in terms of the structural connection between span number 2 of the viaduct itself and the ramp of the Messina-Giostra interchange.

These are interventions within the framework of the executive design and the awarding of works for the static adaptation and seismic improvement of the viaduct, with reinforcement of the piles, foundations, and replacement of the decks with new structural concepts and schemes.

Lavori al viadotto Ritiro sull’A20, chiusa la rampa d’ingresso di viale Giostra

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