Claudio Bisio in Palermo: Street Food at Porta Carbone and Dancing at Capo Market

Claudio Bisio recently took a walk through the historic center of Palermo, including the Vucciria and Capo markets, to indulge in the city’s typical street food. Fans spotted him and took selfies, which were shared on social media. One of the photos shows Bisio inside the historic paninera Porta Carbone, where he enjoyed a traditional pani ca’ meusa sandwich. He also made a stop at a special library called Pietro Tramonte, located just a few meters from via Gagini. Bisio documented this moment as well. Later, he enjoyed good food at the Capo market, even joining in on the dancing and singing, which he shared on Instagram. The actor expressed his warm welcome to Palermo and his gratitude for the merchants’ hospitality.

Claudio Bisio a Palermo: street food a Porta Carbone e balli al mercato del Capo

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