Clan warfare behind the murders of Adrano

Two murders were committed in 2018 in Adrano, Italy, to assert the supremacy of the Santangelo – Taccuni mafia clan. According to the Catania District Prosecutor’s Office, the motive behind the killings of Alfio Neri and Francesco Rosano was to establish the dominance of the Santangelo – Taccuni clan. Police investigations led to the identification of four suspects affiliated with the criminal organization. These suspects were served with a pretrial detention order in prison, and are believed to be responsible for the two murders. The killings were seen as acts of retaliation and were in response to earlier criminal activities. The motive for the murder of Alfio Neri was linked to a retaliation by the Santangelo – Taccuni clan against a rival criminal group. These findings were supported by statements from various collaborators of justice.

I clan in guerra dietro gli omicidi di Adrano

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