Citizen’s tip helps police foil two auto thefts in Palermo

Two arrests were made in Palermo by the police officers of the General Prevention and Public Assistance Office and the Zisa and Libertà police stations. The arrest was made thanks to a citizen’s report, who informed the police about a young man seen tampering with a parked car. The thief smashed the rear window and stole a plastic bag containing various items. Then, he moved to a nearby street and repeated the same operation on another parked car. Upon arrival, the police officers identified and apprehended the young man, who tried to escape and hide behind one of the cars on the road. The young man, a foreigner, was identified and searched, and was found in possession of several tools and equipment for breaking and entering. Additional tools were found in his backpack, which were seized. The young man was arrested for aggravated theft. Meanwhile, some officers returned to the location of the first reported car, which had been damaged, and noticed another person rummaging through it and already taking a plastic bag. This man, also a foreigner, was apprehended and arrested. The stolen bag, containing snow chains and motor oil cans, was returned to the owner. Both individuals were taken to the police station’s holding cells awaiting their immediate trial. The zone in which the attempted thefts took place was not specified.

Palermo, la segnalazione di un cittadino permette alla polizia di sventare due furti in auto

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