Ciminna Corto Fest: 4 contenders for Gattopardo prize, to be presented by Donatella Finocchiaro

The Ciminna Corto Fest, a short film festival in Sicily, will conclude on August 29th. The festival takes place in the same location where Luchino Visconti filmed his masterpiece, “Il Gattopardo.” The festival aims to bring together actors, directors, short films, and music to create a magical cinema experience under the Sicilian starry night. The winner of the festival will receive the “Gattopardo” award, named after the noble symbol of Sicily. Actress Donatella Finocchiaro will be the guest of honor and will also serve as the symbolic godmother of the award. Throughout the festival, there will also be performances by the Giuseppe Verdi band, showcasing the importance of music in the world of cinema. The festival aims to revitalize Ciminna as an important center for the arts and cinema, and the closing night promises to be a special event.

Ciminna Corto Fest, 4 in lizza per il premio Gattopardo: lo consegnerà Donatella Finocchiaro

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